Choose the perfect chair for your new home this fall

Choose the perfect chair for your new home this fall

Come fall and winter, many couples start a new life together, tying the knot and professing their love for each other. While it is exciting to set up a new home and buying new furniture, the entire process requires detailed planning and sorting through numerous options before you find the perfect match for your indoors.

Setting up a new home entails huge costs, and it is a good idea to consult a few interior decorators before you hire one. But if you are feeling adventurous and planning to do up the entire home by yourself, read up on furniture and interior decoration ideas before you delve into the project. It is a good idea to mull on the seating arrangements of your home, whether it is the living room or the more private areas.

The living room is where a lot of socializing and entertaining happens, especially for new couples, and investing in the right kinds of chairs and sofas is a good idea. The quality and comfort of the chairs and other seating arrangements matter the most – one wouldn’t want their guests to be shifting uncomfortably in their chairs.

Choose chairs that are upholstered to give you the required cushion effect and yet are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and cradle your spine. Think of all those afternoons you will spend curled up on your chair napping peacefully after a long hard weekend. Or those nights when you just want to read for long hours before you hit the bed.

Choosing the right chair for your living room

Determining the kind of use your chair will be put to helps in deciding the best one for your home. If it is a chair for the living room, where you will be spending a lot of family time, you’d want an upholstered accent chair, with wingbacks, depending upon the decor of your home. An armchair serves well for the purpose of an accent chair, since it allows you to throw your legs over the wide arms and recline comfortably in your favorite position. They are also wider than other chairs, so even if you prefer curling up for the afternoon, you’d have enough space to do so comfortably.

Opt for comfort. Style will follow

An accent chair for the living room has two purposes. It has to provide comfort while providing the much needed style quotient in the room. While choosing a chair, comfort should be the driving factor, followed by looks. That is not to suggest a dowdy looking piece of furniture for your living room, but it helps to keep both factors while picking out your furniture. Patterns and designs that stand out from the rest of the decor create a bold statement in your living room. So don’t fret over the patterns not matching that of the sofa. A solid colored chair would hold its own among the patterned pieces in your living room.

Go for the ergonomics

Buying a chair is an important decision, and with many dealers offering irresistible deals online, it can be very confusing too. Flea markets and second hand dealers also offer affordable deals but it is advisable to stay away and buy your first furniture from reputed dealers. They offer more options, and you can even test drive the chair before buying it.

Sink into the chair, feel the softness of the upholstery, and determine the angle before you decide to buy the piece. Your knees should be level with your hips; if they are pointing up or down, the chair is not the right one for you. Also consider the width of the piece. If you are going to be spending all your free time lounging on the chair, it needs to be wide enough for you to sit with your feet tucked in.

A chair with a soft seat and back feels more snuggly and is a valuable addition to a living room. Chosen in bold monochrome upholstery, they make a stylish statement to your decor. The more they stand out, the more creative your interiors look.

It is very tempting to buy a piece that comes for a throwaway price and also looks stylish, but investing in the best quality will give you returns in the future. Go for quality, and you will not regret your decision in the future.

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