How to Make a Space Feel Larger by Adding Wall Mirrors

How to Make a Space Feel Larger by Adding Wall Mirrors

Creating a “one-of-a-kind” look or adding a unique design piece to a room can be created with the right wall mirror or wall mirrors. This simple accent can truly make your space go from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you’re working with a smaller room like a bathroom or foyer or you have an open room with high ceilings and tons of space, a mirror will create dimension.

The first things that wall mirrors provide are a reflection of light. Quite simply by adding a wall mirror you will brighten up the room. This is a huge boost for small spaces because the added light will make the room appear bigger than it actually is. That is why hanging a wall mirror in an area such as your foyer or bathroom is such a good idea.

Wall mirrors can also provide as much character as unique pieces of art. Make decorative wall mirrors have ornate frames with incredible detailing. This will create a subtle (or sometimes powerful) accent to a wall or room. In addition there are many ways you can group wall mirrors together or with a picture to create drama. By grouping one or more mirrors together with other exciting design elements such as art, sculptures or even simple flower settings you can achieve a wonderful balanced look.

There are 6 basic shapes that you will wall mirrors:

– arched
– circular
– rectangular
– oval
– square
– irregular

Any one of these shapes can be used to in a home to accent a room. Regardless of your style (Arts & Crafts, Cape Cod, Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary or Eclectic) you will be sure to find wall mirrors to give your room that something special.

As I mentioned above the frame of your mirror can be a real work of art and many consider it one of the most important thing to think about. A frame adds depth to the mirror and can pull together a room if it matches or compliments other piece such as the wood used in furniture. Selecting a mirror with a frame out of step with the rest of your décor can make your room seem awkward or feel cold.

Here are some other tips to follow when decorating with wall mirrors:

* Leaning Mirrors or “Leaner Mirrors” are a great way to make a room feel taller than it actually is. But we recommend you don’t put a mirror in the center of a living room as unless you are looking for it to “divide” the space into two rooms.

* Some people like the idea of grouping multiple mirrors together or grouping a small mirror with picture and other art on a single wall. This is a good way to create drama, but do your homework on the price as making multiple purchases can quickly add up. When using a group of mirrors, concentrate on choosing interesting frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. To create a cohesive grouping, you may want to consider using mirrors with the same or similar frame colors.

* When mounting a group of wall mirrors try to lay everything out on the floor first. Once you have decided on the layout, always secure the largest mirror first. Then, add your other frames, art and mirrors from largest to smallest. Following this format will help you avoid creating a lopsided look.

* Think about what will be seen in the mirror by those people who walk pass or will see the mirror from a primary location in the room such as a sofa or chair. Aim to place your wall mirrors in such a way that they reflect or highlight your room’s best features (and also avoid its not so great features).

By taking your time and creating a simple plan, you can use a wall mirror or group of wall mirrors to add that something special to any room.

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