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  1. How to deal confidently with contractor upselling

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    Upselling is a fact of consumer life, from "will you have fries with that?" at the drive-thru to the credit card promotion at the department store cash register.

    But when it comes to home services, how can you tell the difference between a worthwhile recommendation and a pitch you should ditch?

    The answer revolves around one word: ...
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  2. 3 Home Improvements that Add Value to Property

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    Reports have shown this is a good year for the housing market in UK, which is also a good sign to sell. Experts predict that growth is seen to continue and property owners prepare to sell their homes and they do everything to max out their value. They opt to renovate and redecorate their properties to maximize profits. They do not just lick paint and do some repairs, ...
  3. How To Clean A Leather Sofa

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    Sofa cleaning can be frustrating, especially if you’re not sure of what to do. Can the customer clean the leather sofa themselves? The following information is to guide anyone who wants to clean their leather sofa.

    Sofa cleaning – is there a point to cleaning a leather sofa?

    Cleaning a leather sofa is imperative if the customer wants to ...
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  4. Availing the right solutions for doing away with rising damp

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    The office or home requires to be cozy, clean and comfortable for the purpose of hygiene, healthy living and greater productivity. However, if there is present rising damp within the premises, then there is an increased chance of the health of the residents being impacted adversely. Hence, it is quite crucial for the individual to hire proofing specialists for clearing ...
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  5. How to Deal with the Formaldehyde in Home Decorating

    In recent years, the diseases caused by the formaldehyde are countless. It gets into your house by every opening. People are drawing more and more attention to it. Melody Home shows you the danger from the formaldehyde and the ways to remove them.

    The formaldehyde is the cancer genic and teratogen substances publicized by the WHO. It can lead to respiratory diseases, new born baby abnormality, ...
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  6. Who fixes a wall after plumbing or electrical work?

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    When you have electrical, plumbing or certain other kinds of work done that may require a hole in a wall, who's responsible for repairing it? The plumber or electrician? Or do I need to hire someone else?

    The short answer is that you probably don't want an electrician or plumber fixing a hole in your wall - it's not their specialty.

    Most ...
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