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  1. Interesting Table Settings Ideas for the Weekend

    A little resourcefulness and creativity in table setting is all it takes to transform a drab meal at the dining table into an interesting, Instagram-able activity. The article gives some ideas for setting a table and tells how weekend get-togethers or brunches can be made more picture-perfect with easily available objects and a little effort.

    Whether it is a lavish celebration or just a cozy weekend brunch, the table setting can make a whole difference to the ambiance. While a grand ...
  2. Refresh your home with gorgeous hardwood flooring

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    Bringing top quality hardwood flooring right into your living room or other parts of the house is no longer an expensive proposition, with BSI flooring, any new wood floor installation won’t blow out your budget.

    You can bring some wow factor into your home with some very cost-effective hardwood flooring solutions. Bring nature into your house and turn it into a lovely home for you and your family. Wood floors are so popular around the world because ...
  3. 4 tips to keep your dishwasher from breaking

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    Dishwashers are prone to breaking down and even conking out if not maintained correctly. Here are four ways appliance technicians say you can prevent premature dishwasher repairs.

    1. Don't Overload

    Do you ever end up with too many dishes in the sink? Instead of stuffing them all in at the same time, break the dishes up into two loads instead of one. Overloading prevents dishes from getting fully cleaned and may cause you to rinse the same ...
    Home Improvement
  4. FLYTE: a Light Bulb That Levitates

    Simon Morris has created a light that levitates.

    From designer: Flyte is a levitating lightbulb powered through the air.

    FLYTE is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. With FLYTE, we've set the lightbulb free.

    How do you levitate FLYTE?

  5. MIT's Flatpack Furniture Assembles Itself In Seconds

    Through a collaboration between MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and Wood-Skin S.r.l. a revolutionary new type of furniture has been designed. The Programmable Table demonstrates an entirely new category of furniture that actively self-transforms from shipping to full-functionality.

    This prototype, unveiled at the 2015 Fuori Salone del Mobile in Milan in collaboration with BIESSE, demonstrates the ...
  6. How to Cure a Muddy Yard

    Are you plagued with a yard that has pools of water? Or are you finding that you have a lot of muddy areas? Many things such as compromised clay or dense soil can cause both of these issues. Another reason you could have these pooled or muddy conditions is that the water tables could be really high where you live. Besides being inconvenient and messy, depending on where you live this could also pose health concerns, such as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Obviously, it is well known that mosquitoes ...
    Garden, Landscaping
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