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  1. No More Wet Tables: The Top 5 Advantages of Paste the Wall Wallpaper

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    Gone are the days of wet tabletops and sticky fingers - a race to get the wallpaper up before it’s too late. Newer “paste the wall” papers make hanging wallpaper much easier and more fun.

    Here are 5 reasons you should consider making the switch for your next project.

    It’s Easy

    When you have to paste the paper, you’re in a ...
    Home Improvement
  2. Buy Magnificent Furniture at Attractive Rates on Virtual Stores

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    “Furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful”

    The above statement signifies the necessity of choosing the right furniture for your home. It is one of the basic needs to every house hold. Irrespective of where you live and what you do, Furniture helps to add the necessary magic to your residence without any further expenses. Furniture must ...
  3. Gutters need to be maintained

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    Now that the snow and ice are melting, I have begun noticing damage to gutters and erosion to the soils below.

    As the snow and ice begin to melt, the heavier accumulation can slide down the roof stopping at the gutters. The sheer weight might tear the gutters away from the fascia, leaving the gutters dangling from the roof. Subsequent melting or rains ...
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  4. How to Give your Home the New England Style

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    The historic New England Style is something that a lot of us tend to have affection towards and in this day and age of shabby chic – it’s the perfect way to style your home.

    Getting that raw look can take a little thought, however it allows you to create a classic architectural piece that provides the old fashioned feel in a new and modern style home. ...
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  5. 5 Ways to Make Your Home Your Favorite Chilling Spot

    Life is not easy. There are work troubles, family troubles, girlfriend/boyfriend troubles, weather troubles, traffic jams, appointments...the list is endless.

    All that madness can take a toll on your peace time and you might find yourself longing for vacations frequently, sometimes right after you’ve come back from one.

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    So, what is one to ...
    Home Decor
  6. Putting Siding on Your Home

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    One of the interesting things about living in Canada, is that winter is always just around the corner. Even in the height of spring, when flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, the specter of winter is there.

    People know that it will always come back and the warm days of summer are just an illusion. Many use the temperate summer as a brief window ...
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