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  1. Christmas Senna a glorious gift of the season

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    Just about the time you least expect it the Christmasbush erupts into a yellow explosion of bloom with such staggering beauty it stuns all who see it. After all this is a color in the spring or summer and surely not expected from mid-October through November and December.

    But such is the case for this large shrub known botanically as Senna bicapsularis. ...
    Garden, Landscaping
  2. What to know before you have a plumbing emergency

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    Plumbing has always been one of the most frequently house problems. Naturally, if the sink is stopped up or the commode's kaput, you want it fixed, and fast.

    That's why I advise homeowners to establish - before an emergency - a connection with a highly rated local plumber.

    I also urge you to find your home's main water shutoff valve (it's ...
    Home Improvement
  3. Tips to reduce the risk of house fires

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    October is Fire Prevention Month. To reduce the number of calls for electrical fires, here are tips from Leviton, manufacturer of electrical devices and lighting controls (dimmers, switches):

    Extension cords are intended only for temporary use. Each year 3,330 residential fires originate near extension cords, the Electrical Safety Foundation International ...
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  4. Fall cleaning checklist

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    Spring cleaning gets a lot of press as the biggest, best, and most important time of the year to get your housework done, but there are some very important tasks that are better suited to the cool days at the beginning of fall. While spring cleaning is about clearing out the dust bunnies and letting in the fresh air, a good fall cleaning is all about closing your ...
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  5. Choose the perfect chair for your new home this fall

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    Come fall and winter, many couples start a new life together, tying the knot and professing their love for each other. While it is exciting to set up a new home and buying new furniture, the entire process requires detailed planning and sorting through numerous options before you find the perfect match for your indoors.

    Setting up a new home entails ...
    Home Decor
  6. Cheap Money for Home Improvements

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ID:	9489If the signs coming out from the Bank of England are anything to go by interest rates will remain low for the foreseeable future; it remains a good time to get ‘cheap money’ for investing in your home because it is likely to increase its value.

    The latest indication of low rates came in a speech by the Bank’s chief economist Andrew Haldane ...
    Home Improvement
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