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  1. What's causing dead spots in my lawn?

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    What's causing dead spots in my lawn? Lawn care pros list these possible causes of dead spots in a lawn:

    - Insufficient or excess water

    - Weather that's unusually hot or cool

    - Fungal disease

    - Insects

    - Over-fertilizing with a salt-based or all-chemical product

    - Ineffective mowing practices. ...
    Garden, Landscaping
  2. Lacerating Hard Substances With a Laser

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    The process of slicing hard substances can create numerous problems for a person. Whether itís steel or aluminium, you have to give proper efforts to make a clean score according your requirements. Today, different types of lacerating tools are available in the market. Each one carries some specific features or qualities. One such tool is a laser machine. Operated ...
  3. 8 Overlooked Places To Find Affordable Furniture, From 'Cheap' To 'Free'

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    Yeah, yeah, we know about IKEA. For better or worse, it's the place where many of us go to furnish our homes affordably without having to go through the hassle of going to a furniture store. However, you're not always going to live close to the mothership of "First Apartment Furniture" -- or, maybe you just don't want to set foot in an IKEA. Your choice. ...
  4. Backyard ponds pose danger to young children

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    A child can drown in just a few inches of water. It's imperative to teach our kids about the dangers of pools, ponds, bathtubs and other water bodies, and to keep a close eye on them whenever they are in or near water. However, even the best intentions can fail to prevent an accident.

    Some experts suggest that the safest route would be to turn your pond ...
    Garden, Landscaping
  5. Dos And Doníts Of Pairing Curtains And Blinds

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    These days, it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to pair curtains and blinds together. For the most part, these window furnishings can work quite well together Ė they can bring out a flexible dťcor and ensure adequate privacy control or sunlight penetration. There are, however, some dos and doníts that you should follow when using blinds and curtains ...
    Home Decor
  6. Are Exercise Balls A Good Alternative To Ergonomic Office Chairs?

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    If you are in the market for an ergonomic office chair for your workplace, you have probably been inundated with advertisements proclaiming that simple exercise balls will solve all of your back pain issues. Whilst some people will scoff at the claims and immediately head for the chair section of their local furniture supplier, others will stop and consider balls ...
    Office Furniture
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