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Vermont Woods Studios

  1. Nesting Tables: Uniquely Versatile Furniture

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    Nesting tables are one of those unique furniture pieces that don’t get a lot of attention. Which is a shame, because they are quite versatile and chic.

    Nesting tables are wonderful not only because of their unique look, but they are great for homes with limited space. They allow you the versatility of having three separate tables while only taking up ...
  2. All Weather Adirondack Chairs

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    The backyard of Stonehurst. These wooden Adirondack chairs are longtime residents and have actually weathered quite gracefully. But today’s POLYWOOD recycled plastic outdoor furniture lasts a lifetime…

    We’re in the middle of winter here in Vermont but elsewhere in America people must be preparing for Spring. We’re getting lots of ...
    Patio and Outdoor
  3. Real Tables Have Curves: 5 Tables with Exquisite Arches

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    Sometimes it’s the details that really make the design.

    While some furniture pieces are defined by their clean, straight lines… others are characterized by their delicate edges and curves.

    “Curvy” furniture pieces have an undeniable aesthetic appeal, because even the most subtle arches can take a normal piece of furniture and give ...
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  4. Fine Wood Furniture Care

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    Protecting & Preserving Your Wood Furniture

    Your handmade wood furniture is an investment that should increase in value over time. How much that value appreciates is dependent on how well you care for it, particularly for furniture with an oil finish. It is essential to follow the instructions below to ensure that your furniture will provide ...
  5. Wood Furniture Care: Tips on Climate Control

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    A few tips on humidity and climate control:

    Wood Furniture Moves in Response to Changes in Humidity

    When wood is part of a living tree, water moves up the trunk, from the ground and through the pores and fibers of the wood, as it travels out to the leaves.

    After a tree is cut and sawn into lumber, water continues ...
  6. Introducing The Kyoto Dining Room Furniture Collection

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    If you’re looking for unique, modern dining room furniture, The Kyoto Collection is for you.

    The Kyoto Dining Room Furniture Collection by Copeland takes a traditional Japanese furniture design and fuses it with a Modern Western aesthetic…creating a truly extraordinary dining set.

    The broad surfaces, simple geometric shapes, and real ...
    Dining Room
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