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  1. Simple Rules to Home Extension

    Property extension can be hard in most parts of London. But with the right kind of information in design, construction and planning as well as the law you can easily hack it.

    So are you thinking of refurbishing your property or ideas on how to extend your house to create more space then here are a few rules and instructions to go by before you decide which part to extend.

    Do Research

    First things first, do some basic research through your estate agent to know ...
  2. Easy Tricks to Add Character to Your Living Room

    No matter what type of home we have, our living rooms can sometimes start to get the stage where they start looking a little lacklustre and no longer have the effect on our homes the way it used to. When it comes to the living room lacking character, it is rarely down to one particular reason, but if you do find yourself in this position, he is some easy ways to overcome the problem.

    Enhance Your Windows

    In the majority of living rooms, the windows are the focal point, and this means ...
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    Living Room
  3. How can you update your dull basement?

    In some homes, basements are light and airy with adequate windows and space to help you forget you're in a subterranean room. Others might need some help. If your basement feels musty and dank, check out these ideas on how to breathe some new life into the space.


    Make sure windows are sparkling clean and unobstructed from the exterior to let natural light in, and approach basement lighting as you would any room - just remember you'll likely need ...
  4. Farmhouse Table

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    We are a family business that has been manufacturing for nearly 30 years. Members of our family work as part of our team of carpenters, sales, website administrators and pretty much every area of the business, because of this we really care about our customers and products.

    We are based in the South West and have a manufacturing factory with showroom and shop where customers are welcome to come and browse. We are open 7 days a week at both outlets. ...
  5. California King Bed Frames

    The search for an appropriate California King bed frame could wear anyone out. That precise California King bed frame will make you turn the stores upside down and walk from one end of the city to the other. Take the time to compare the size of your stairs and doors with that of the California King bed frame before purchasing it. Such a bed requires a certain space to be moved. If you are looking for the hugest mattress available and you do not want a custom-built one, a California King size mattress ...
  6. Floor Sanding In London

    Flooring has a huge impact on the appearance of your home. A home adorned with lavish furniture and exquisite paint but having a cracked floor and other scratches and stains on it will not just create a bad impression but will drastically affect the overall looks of an otherwise beautiful looking home. Floor sanding is the best option to regain the beauty of your old wooden floor.

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    The installation of wooden flooring requires huge investment. If you ...
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