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    If you're looking for a simple yet beautiful way to give your living room a clean, light look this winter, look no further than the simplistic style of Nordic design.

    The raw yet timeless beauty found in Nordic decor appears to draw its inspiration straight out of a Scandinavian winter.

    Think timeless, functional and minimalistic with ...
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    Every year dozens of beautifully rendered design and style books hit the shelves. They are often perused for the pictures or used to create a tableau in a reading nook, but the real value is between the covers. There you will find inspiration, encouragement and a sense of what is possible in any space with some imagination and desire.

    Here are a few worth owning:

    "Decorating in the Grand Manor" by Carleton Varney, Rooster Books for Shannongrove ...
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    I'm not sure where the term "laundry day blues" came from, but maybe it's because most laundry rooms are depressing. They don't excite our fun side.

    If you have to do laundry - and most of us do - why not create a space that is a joy to visit? This could become one of the most vibrant rooms in your house.

    Laundry rooms have to be equipped with some basic elements: a washer ...
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    When it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel for the holidays, it seems like people have two perspectives.

    Some see this long piece of wood as a stage for their masterpiece. But to others, it seems more like a gangplank because decorating this key focal point feels intimidating.

    Let me just underscore that decorating should never be stressful. Just the opposite!
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    With the holidays officially here, it's a wonderful time to experiment with color and pattern.

    Plaid is the perfect festive choice for the holiday season. A plaid that incorporates rich colors like red, hunter green and gold can be festive, but plaid can also be an energetic choice year-round.

    In general, plaid can be used in nearly any room of the home in which ...
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    When you are setting up your new living room or trying to figure out how you are going to update the space that you already have, new living room furniture is a great way to do it.

    Many people decide that they are simply going to update the furniture that they have. They will choose ...
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    Unique paint colors and designs for your baby boy's bedroom or nursery room paint colors theme interior design ideas for your little one.

    The problem with decorating a nursery though is that you need to actually be a little creative, remember this room isn't for you and it's not like you can just turn around ...
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    Building a welcoming living room doesn't necessarily mean completely chucking out all of your existing living room furniture.

    Remember you can change the character of a living room simply by investing in the right furniture and the right accessories.

    Start with what you've got. Grannies settee which you've no doubt inherited ...
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    Painting a living room or any room of the house for that matter should be an exciting occasion however more often than not it turns out to be a disaster. People are attracted to the idea of painting because it something that you can do yourself.

    The popular consensus seems to be that painting is quick, easy and cost ...
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    We think it can for sure. Snuggling into bed at night, you just want to be on a smooth path to dreamland.

    Unfortunately, there are things that can keep you awake. Is it an odd noise here or there or something much closer to home like your bedroom linen?

    There's no doubt, your bed linens could be keeping you from dropping off into dreamland as ...

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