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    Light is a curious thing. You flick a switch or click a knob and there it is, without complication or a second thought. However, if you take the time to put some thought into your lighting solutions, you will find that the lighting in your home has a dramatic impact on your mood.

    Think about ...
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    Kitchen themes are all the rage in home design magazines and online publications. However, looking around your kitchen, you may be wondering if the effort is really worth the pay off.

    You need to have a kitchen that is functional to feed your family, not just an art piece in your home. Thus, what is the benefit ...
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    When it comes to decorating why are so many people afraid of black?

    It is, in its own unique way a neutral after all.

    Perhaps the worry is, that, using black will make spaces seem darker and smaller.

    That need not be the case. Using black and using it wisely can really transform a room from drab and unexciting to sleek, sophisticated and daring.

    Just ...
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    Besides a measuring tape, a pencil and good strong coffee, an interior designer's best friend has to be a mirror.

    They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a million different ways including to deceive onlookers that a tiny boxy room is really capacious and flooded with natural light.

    Yes, mirrors can make a room look more spacious but they also multiply light, ...
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    The holiday season is truly about entertaining and going all out. So why not add a little bit of sparkle and bling while still being true to the traditional spirit often associated with the holiday decor?

    When it comes to being creative, I suggest experimenting with some new materials this holiday season such as materials that have high sheen, tactile materials, ...
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    Some say the dining room is dead - we say it has already been reincarnated. The key detail that makes today's dining rooms up-to-date?A chic, savvy mix of chairs.

    Truth be told, the age of using one type of anything - fashion, bedroom furniture, tableware - feels so yesteryear.

    Assembling a mix - which in the dining room might include a bench or stools - adds spark to a room that was historically tradition-bound ...
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    The season of entertaining family and friends is almost upon us. What better time to change or refresh your decor in an inexpensive way. What's wonderful about design is it doesn't always have to be expensive to look expensive.

    Many of the great successes in design can be achieved with a minimal amount of time and at a low cost.

    Here are some of my top designer shortcuts for ways to bring quick, easy decor into your ...
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    When it comes to creating workable his and her closets, the key is organization. The reality is that most closets are simply not large enough to accommodate the belongings of two people. And when it comes to organizing in general, a lot of people tend to hold onto things - including clothing - for nostalgic reasons, and this can add to the clutter.

    In general, to keep ...
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    Sometimes a new kitchen is clearly not a possibility.

    But you can refresh yours with a good cleanup, new cabinet hardware and possibly some new glass cabinet door inserts.

    Let's start with cleanup. If your wall cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling and you've been using this space for display, I urge you to reconsider.

    Nothing says out of date like dusty fake ivy draped across the cluttered tops ...
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    Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and designs. The price of a rug may be determined by the rug's origin, whether it's handmade, its materials and the intricacy of its design.

    This sampling of rugs shows the wide variety of offerings available.

    Rosy Chic Rug

    It's machine-made from a blend of materials: Sixty percent wool, 28 percent acrylic, 9 percent nylon and 3 percent ...

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