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    Some say the dining room is dead - we say it has already been reincarnated. The key detail that makes today's dining rooms up-to-date?A chic, savvy mix of chairs.

    Truth be told, the age of using one type of anything - fashion, bedroom furniture, tableware - feels so yesteryear.

    Assembling a mix - which in the dining room might include a bench or stools - adds spark to a room that was historically tradition-bound ...
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    The season of entertaining family and friends is almost upon us. What better time to change or refresh your decor in an inexpensive way. What's wonderful about design is it doesn't always have to be expensive to look expensive.

    Many of the great successes in design can be achieved with a minimal amount of time and at a low cost.

    Here are some of my top designer shortcuts for ways to bring quick, easy decor into your ...
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    When it comes to creating workable his and her closets, the key is organization. The reality is that most closets are simply not large enough to accommodate the belongings of two people. And when it comes to organizing in general, a lot of people tend to hold onto things - including clothing - for nostalgic reasons, and this can add to the clutter.

    In general, to keep ...
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    Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and designs. The price of a rug may be determined by the rug's origin, whether it's handmade, its materials and the intricacy of its design.

    This sampling of rugs shows the wide variety of offerings available.

    Rosy Chic Rug

    It's machine-made from a blend of materials: Sixty percent wool, 28 percent acrylic, 9 percent nylon and 3 percent ...
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    Come fall and winter, many couples start a new life together, tying the knot and professing their love for each other. While it is exciting to set up a new home and buying new furniture, the entire process requires detailed planning ...
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    When it comes to creating the perfect decor for your bedroom, it doesn't have to be about spending lots of money. Instead, aim to create a soothing and calming atmosphere that reflects your personality and creates the ideal oasis.

    In refreshing your bedroom, remove pieces that are excess and keep pieces you love, using them for inspiration to create an overall decor story, ...
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    Armless upholstered chairs are one of the most versatile occasional chairs you can buy. Often referred to as "slipper chairs," they can easily slip into any room's decor. Perhaps that's how they got their name. They provide a backrest and comfortable seating but don't take up visual space or limit access as traditional chairs with armrest often do.

    Chairs designed without arms allow ...
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    Feeling cramped but don't want to move? There many ways to make small seem spacious.

    Embracing a "less is more" mindset is even trendy, with micro homes attracting macro interest on social media and on TV.

    Granted, your home is likely larger than a true "tiny house," which tends to max out at 400 square feet.

    But plenty of homes are less than 2,598 square feet, ...
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    We spend about 10 hours a day on average in the bedroom. That's a good part of the day, so why not make this retreat one of the best rooms in the house?

    To do the job well, it's important to understand that bedrooms aren't just for sleeping. They serve many purposes. Televisions and Internet connections make this room well-suited for a secondary TV monitor and maybe a home office.

    With just a few adjustments ...
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    When it comes to creating the perfect color palette, there is nothing quite as pure, timeless and versatile as decorating using black and white.

    Black and white simply serves as the perfect blank slate for creating virtually any color scheme you desire. An all-white color palette can be crisp and fresh.

    The simplicity of, for example, a pure white color scheme in a dining room in which the plates and ...

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