It was late summer of 2004 when we began talking about expanding the already Popular GREENWOOD COLLECTION of clocks into the field of vintage and antique clocks. With two shops and over 40 years of combined experience, we began preparations in October of that year. With all the haphazard and "As-Is" clocks being offered on the Internet by unknowledgeable sellers, we had one goal in mind:

'Offer shoppers an alternative clock buying choice.'

Most clocks being sold on the internet have not seen the service of a clockmaker since the day they were made, so we decided to offer a line of fully reconditioned clocks backed by Peace-of-Mind, professional support. Our Signature, Silverdollar Productions line of clocks officially debuted February 22, 2005. It took but a few months of receiving “Can you help me” requests from owners of Electric Clocks to find a neglected niche’ in the horological field. By mid-summer we discovered a market full of thirsty electric clock collectors and began turning our skills in that direction. After Christmas 2005, we decided to turn our efforts full-time in what is a growing segment of clock collecting.

Our focus on Telechron, General Electric, and Revere Clocks opened a rather large door that produced unexpected results. We received emails from individuals claiming to have family heirloom clocks that have lain dead for decades, told they could never be repaired. So in addition to our mounting clock sales, we began bringing these dead clocks back to life to continue the traditions in those homes.

2006 saw us sell 271 restored clocks. Fourteen-percent of those sales were to individuals asking us to restore their treasured heirlooms. Since then the demand for a reliable repair shop that offers a complete host of services has continued to grow. We now have two experienced repairmen on board just to keep up with the demand for Westminster repairs. And our Florida shop continues to receive more non-chiming and alarm clocks, plus an array of Telechron motored clocks and devices. This gives Silverdollar Productions an unprecedented foothold as THE leader of Internet sales and service for Telechron Motored Clocks.

We have also devoted many hours to cataloging and verifying Revere and General Electric Chiming clocks. We have added a complete section just for Revere and GE clocks that includes not only our unsurpassed Gallery of Revere and GE Clocks, but also an introduction page, a complete history, videos on various techniques, and information on dating your clock.

Please take the time to explore the rest of our website to discover just what makes us so special. We’ve set up pages for our services in addition to fact pages to help you identify and date a clock you may own.

A Silverdollar Productions Clock. We know they are not meant for everybody, but perhaps, just you!