Constant Technologies offers a variety of customized computer workstation furniture and control center design services including emergency operations center console, command centre, NOC furniture consoles & more. Does your business have very specific needs in terms of what control center consoles will work within your operations? Have you been searching for a solution but are unable to find one that fits your needs? If the typical mass-produced computer workstation furniture just isn't working for your company, we can help. For more than 20 years, Constant Technologies has provided innovative solutions for those who manage information.

Constant Technologies creates attractive, functional, and flexible command console furniture and work environments that motivate employees, increase productivity, and impress clients. Over the years Constant Technologies has been trusted to provide state-of-the-art control centers and networking operation center, or NOC furniture, to customers in numerous industries throughout the world, including technology, government, education, insurance, and many others. Well-known companies such as Visa and Verizon continue to benefit from unique console furniture designs as well as the audio and visual solutions created specifically for their needs.

Whether you run a cutting-edge communication company, such as Nortel, or a company offering healthcare information management solutions, we can design, manufacture and install an up-to-date network operations center tailored to your business. We start by analyzing your specific needs for command center furniture and consoles, as well as your long-term goals for the project. We can create console furniture for command modules, workstations, trading rooms, conference rooms, and any other area in the workplace. Next, our team of command centre furniture designers and audio/visual experts develop possible configurations. We provide architectural drawings which feature multiple detailed views. Working closely with you, we make all necessary revisions to initial design concepts to arrive at the best possible solution for your control or emergency operations center or other operation. An exact computer generated rending is then presented to you in color, which includes all architectural materials, such as carpet samples and wall colors. We help you bring your vision of the perfect control centre consoles to realization.

In addition to years of experience and expertise, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Please take the time to browse our website to learn more about our various console furniture options, audio and visual solutions, design process, and to view our portfolio of solutions categorized by industry.