In this market environment, it is critical that you know the true value of the products you purchase or specify. In every channel and every market segment, contractors are purchasing the most 'economical' products available. But what is the real cost of using products, like wood, that are perceived to be 'economical'? To answer this question, we contracted with Market Research Associates to conduct a study that would compare the cost and benefits of using our Fypon product to similar wood products.

Fypon urethane products are known for their benefits: Low maintenance, lasting beauty and ease of installation to save you time and money. We wanted to know, specifically, how much time and money our products save builders, remodelers and homeowners.

An independent study evaluated the cost, the quality of the finished job and ease of installation of Fypon's exterior door surround compared to the traditional process of assembling a built-up door surround out of multiple pieces of wood.

The study results show that Fypon can save you an astounding 13% to 23% over the 'economical' choice of wood. Download the research study summary or the full independent market study report for specific details and to compare our labor rates stated with those in your region of the country. The study also provides insights into how the skill set of the labor pool affects the true cost of wood assembly build-ups.

Our value to you is simple - save you money and increase your profit. That is our goal.