Formed in 2003, Accessory Bits Ltd (ABL) have fast been recognised by major Office Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers as a reliable and competitive supplier. Our thorough understanding of this complex and demanding market sector sets us apart from our competitors. Our unique position within the market allows us to respond effectively to customer demands and utilise our flexibility to great effect we care greatly about our customers and will do everything possible to meet their requirements.
Our streamlined operation costs are kept to a minimum, this ensures that we do not have to sacrifice quality to bring you product at competitive prices.
the ABL Team outside our warehouse in Wellingborough

All Power Modules and cables are manufactured to BS 5733 and certified, this enables the requirements of BS 6396 to be met when installed and tested correctly. We also utilise ISO 9000 approved factories so ensuring a consistent level of quality.

Our warehouse in Wellingborough Northamptonshire, is centrally positioned and geared to provide an excellent service that is backed by an award winning carrier service. Flexibility and desire are key words to our approach to Service, we maintain a high level of flexibility and a keen desire to provide customers with the service that they deserve. Our success is built on service, we hold large stocks to provide the most efficient service possible.

ABL have introduced the popular Flexible Cabling System (FCS), which improves service, simplifies installation and creates a far more flexible product for the end user.

The ABL range is both relevant and diverse, indeed it is you, our customer that drives this aspect of our Company. Please feel free to discuss any items that you wish to see in the range.

Our staff are selected for both their experience of our markets and customers and their professional, caring attitude. We work hard throughout the process, from specification to supply to ensure that our customers receive the right product for the job.

ABL are aware of our obligations to our customers to provide the complete solution - including the environmental impact that our products make. We are proud to announce that the Company has been registered with the Environment Agency under the new W.E.E.E (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations under registration No WEE/JD0067TX. This means that we fully comply with this latest development in caring for the environment and ensures that we are able to support our customers all the way to the end of the products life.