Accurate Technology (ATI) manufactures ProScale®, and other linear measuring products based on capacitive encoding or inductive encoding technology.
The Company:
Accurate Technology started in Kirkland Washington in 1989. The company's first product was a general purpose measuring system called ProScale Model 100,
In 1996, ATI introduced ProScale Model 150, an absolute system with additional digital readouts and capabilities.
In 1998 ATI moved it's operations to Asheville North Carolina where it now designs and manufactures all of its products.
In 2007, ATI introduced ProScale Model 180, an inductive measuring system with higher sensor movement (speed) and greater environmental robustness.
During our 20+ year history we have developed many custom and application specific measuring products for the woodworking and all industries quality control markets. Today, many of those custom products, along with 6 different ProScale models are sold worldwide.

Ed Fiantaca, owner and president of ATI, remains an active part of the day-to-day operations of the company. "I am proud that our products are all designed and produced in the United States by dedicated, quality minded employees."

ProScales are affordable measuring systems designed to make linear measurements with speed, accuracy and repeatability. Our primary markets are applications requiring measurement accuracy better than a traditional tape measure but not as precise, or high accuracy (ie. glass), as higher priced measuring systems. Our "fractions to 10 microns" measuring range provides users with repeatable measurement and positioning capabilities with data and control output.

The Products:
General Purpose Linear Measurement: Several different models of ProScale systems capable of measuring up to 24 ft. (7.2m) are available. These systems are available with ABSolute or incremental technology and in a variety of standard or custom lengths. LCD and LED Digital Readouts with various data and signal outputs and power options are available. Custom systems are available for OEM applications.

Quality Control Products: This product group includes turn-key measuring systems like ProTable™ designed for Dimensional Quality Control measurements. These products, based on ProScale technology, are available as hand-held portable devices as well as free standing and bench top systems to measure up to 20 ft. (6m). Accurate Technology routinely designs and manufactures custom, application specific, quality control measuring systems.

Data Acquisition & Accessories: Accurate Technology manufactures many of its own data acquisition devices to work with ProScale products. These products include wired and wireless solutions to acquire and/or convert measurement data or position information.

Woodworking Products: Measuring solutions designed especially for the furniture, cabinet, door and window, and millwork industries. ProStop™ digital fence systems, ProStand™ tool setters and ProKits™ machinery retrofits, plus more products to improve any size woodworking shop.

Custom Designs: Accurate Technology will modify a current product or create a custom product to fulfill the needs of your particular measuring application. We "put your ideas on paper" and collaborate with you using 3D drawings to insure what you had in mind is what we build for you. Contact us with your ideas

Consumer Products: Follow this link to our woodworking hobbyist pages where products designed for the hobbyist woodworker can be viewed and purchased.