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360 SHELF – An Adjustable Shelving Display by Luka Pirnat

360 SHELF – An Adjustable Shelving Display by Luka Pirnat

‘And yet it turns’, said Luka Pirnat, when he redefined the way we perceive storage in our living and working environments. This simple revolutionary rotating multiuse shelf that allows you to create wall color patterns is soon to be seen in your homes or offices.

360 is made to fit. It has an enviable span that ranges from a chic shelf for books and zines, handy landing for tech, to space for simple stashing or displaying of all your favourite things under any angle.

Change the way you organise your space, books, things and tech and reach out for a beautifully simple and practical solution, easily adjustable under any angle. 360 shelf fits everything and puts it right at your fingertips. Simple, aesthetically perfected multiuse shelf in variety of vivid colours and materials will change the way you see and use things in your living and working space.

360 brings your world closer. So your favourite things are always there for you, wherever you are.Applications: Living room (Book and Book color patterns, Zines, LPs, iPads), Kitchen (Cook books, Recipes, Cereals,), Bedroom (Bedtime stories), Childrens room (toys, board games), Office (cases and binders), Waiting room (things that make waiting easier), etc.

360 shelf looks good at any angle. More even better. Get more than one 360 shelf and make beautiful shelf patterns. Go one color or multicolor and fit them under every possible angle - they are made to fit your needs and desires. 

360 shelf is made of high quality solid beech wood available in four different finishes, turning it into one of this amazing options. You can’t go wrong because anything fits.

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name: Luka Pirnat
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