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Anomaly Stool by Front

Anomaly Stool by Front

Swedish design group Front, have designed Anomaly Stool.

A series of seats, the aesthetic expression of which is related somehow to animal forms or perhaps some unknown creature. Objects to awaken your curiosity, your affection or perhaps even repulsion. The natural coloured leather is stretched over a wooden mould. The foam inside is digitally milled to fit the shape perfectly and creates a soft seat.

Creatures which are slightly unsettling yet docile and harmless. Anomaly is a project full of contradictions, halfway between visionary manipulation of a body and a design of a household pet-object. The choice of natural coloured leather could be interpreted as an ambiguous and mysterious zoomorphic transformation or, more simply, the colours can be taken as reminders of the warm, reassuring tones of face powder. Household creatures which are as lovable as they are surprising, a transfiguration from a fairytale, almost surreal, world which combines in one object practicality and playful excitement.

Injected flame-retardant polyurethane foam over wood frame. Vegetal-tanned leather only. This leather is all-natural without protective treatment or dye; it is a “nude” leather with very thin structure, extremely soft to the touch. As with all non-treated hides, it is delicate and easily stained. Over time and with exposure to light, the leather color will gradually darken.

Photos: Par Olofsson

about the manufacturer
name: Moroso ( Italy )
profile: visit website

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