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Armadillo by Ola Giertz

Armadillo Chair by Ola Giertz   

Armadillo is a furniture made for children, which can be locked in several different positions. I was inspired by the Armadillo which is a small animal, known for having a leathery armor shell. Just like the animal protects itself from its surrounding, Armadillo can be folded out to “protect” the child and let it have its own space. Depending how much own space the child wants or need, you can put Armadillo in the right position that fits the best. Because its ability to reduce in volume, it can easily get out of the way and save some space. The chair is made from beech and walnut veneer, and designed to ensure that it flexes and supports the user, providing an unexpected level of comfort.

about the designer
name: Ola Giertz Design Studio  ( Se )
profile: visit website

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