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B50 Kitchen

B50 Kitchen

B50 is a program that contains all the finishes available in the range Berloni. It has been inspired by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company. Just like in a catalog, Berloni includes a lot of technical and aesthetic possibilities, as B50 is a model-container where you can use and compose the entire Berloni contemporary collection. A program almost without limits, without handles but with a system of options and finishes that is updated every year in parallel with the other modern kitchen models of our range.

B50 is designed for architects and designers with a modern style. Thanks to the many solutions and pairings, it can be adapted to minimal, colorful, high tech styles, but also to a no-handles more  traditional taste. The potential customer is of medium to high level, even young. It’s definitely a model suitable for even the most fashionable architects.

about the manufacturer
name: Berloni  ( Italy )
profile: visit website

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