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Cloud 7 Bed by Martina Münch for Bretz

Cloud 7 Bed by Martina Münch for Bretz

A kaleidoscope made out of modern design, lightness and a touch of humor that convinces through joy of life and a dream of distant lands. The futuristic graphic language of the CLOUD 7 design was refined by enlightened surrealism and its share of humor!

As if pulled apart by a magic hand, head-, side- and footboards widen towards their ends thus unfolding a brilliant, dynamic 3D picture.

Optical space seems to deepen through the cassette-like upholstery of the CLOUD 7 BED making the art piece avant-garde in a modern way but smooth and gentle at the same time.

about the manufacturer
name: Bretz  ( Germany )
profile: visit website

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