Coffice Linear / Coffice Interactive  Design: Johannes Scherr
A new, innovative furniture piece by Bene. For use as armchair, sofa, or bench – for moments of relaxed seating, waiting and communication. Or a smart piece of furniture for integrated networking. Its armrest supports reading and writing. Optional plug box for power and data connection.
Medium hard upholstery, depth 46 cm, height 47 cm. Back rest: 30 cm high. Total height: 74 cm. Fabric or leather.
Info-point for customers, visitors and staff. Suitable for any company's reception, customer support and communication zones. Also ideal for VIP lounges and general waiting areas at airports, showrooms, banks, hotels, museums etc. Technological continuation of Bene Coffice into a furniture set that includes an integrated touch screen. 17" or 19" LCD screen (landscape or portrait). The Bene Coffice range comprises easy chairs, two-seater and three-seater sofas with or without armrests, a twist sofa, stools and benches. Sofas and benches can be added at a later stage. The Coffice portfolio includes screens, lamps, a desk tray and tables.

name: Bene (Austria)
about the company: