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Brera Bed by Claudio Lovadina - Presott

Brera Bed by Claudio Lovadina

Enveloping and inviting like a warm embrace, refined like a dressmaker’s garment, Brera is a bed that strongly hints to the “great beauty” made in Italy.

Boasting precious upholstery textiles by Loro Piana Interiors made from an exclusive selection of precious wool and cashmere yarns, Brera is also available in tradition leather or fabric and in the practical version with a storage compartment and a two-position, lift-up slatted base.

Dual-coloured and removable, this upholstery perfectly suits contemporary and minimal design, offering a bed that has an extraordinary aesthetic impact on the onlooker.

about the manufacturer
name: Presotto  ( Italy )
profile: visit website

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