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Bright Woods Collection

Bright Woods Collection - Luxury Led Backlit Wood Furniture by Giancarlo Zema

Like an enchanted forest of trees that light up at night, this fashinating luxury led backlit wood furniture and ethnic collection of tables, seats and lamps, designed by Giancarlo Zema for Luxyde, uses natural materials like wood scratched by several resin rings that lighten at sunset. Available in several colour and essences, they are ideal for the most exclusive interior decoration, from hotels to nautical furnishing.

You will be able to manage all your Bright Woods objects , choosing colors, lights games or to select the color to light. In addition you can chose the light’s speed, its intensity or lighting effect, even from differently rooms. You’ll have the freedom of implementing your creative ideas and give the right atmospheres for every your environments, which are virtually unlimited and your Bright Woods will become even more extraordinary and fascinating design exclusive elements.

about the designer:
name: Giancarlo Zema  (Italy)
profile: visit website

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