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CS1: Coffee- and Sidetable by Astfrei

CS1: Coffee- and Sidetable by Astfrei

CS1 consists of a coffee- and side table that creates a harmonious ensemble. The concept speaks a fluent form language with an emphasis on material exploration. Its interplay of California based walnut; concrete and copper creates a unique aesthetic appeal.

Materials: Walnut / Plated Copper / Concrete 

Finishes: Satin-Finish / Premium Matt Finish 

From the Designers: "Astfrei is where California meets Switzerland. Merging the technological strength of Silicon Valley and the craftsmanship of Switzerland, we work to merge the different cultures into one philosophy.  By utilizing only the best materials to create the most authentic surfaces possible, we seek to create calm yet expressive furniture to further integrate and enrich your home. At Astfrei, we stand firm on the notion of never compromising on Quality."

about the designer
name: Astfrei
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