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Chifruda Chair by Sergio Rodrigues

Chifruda Chair by Sergio Rodrigues, 1962

Originally designed for the exhibition "Furniture as Work of Art" in 1962. The "Aspas" armchair, or "Chifruda", which is how the piece is more affectionately referred to in Rodrigues' office, was never produced save for a lost prototype in jacaranda. The term "Chifruda" popularly connotes the image of a wife whose husband is adulterous. This quality is typical of Rodrigues' unique sense of humor and wit, which characterizes an essential aspect of his design and architecture. At the request of the designer, the "Chifruda" armchair is available numbered editions, and is sold exclusively at Espasso. Imbuia or freijó wood frame and leather. Edition of 40.

about the designer
name: Sergio Rodrigues  ( Brazil )
profile: visit website

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