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New Products form Casa Bonita

New Products form Casa Bonita

From Manufacturer: "Our pieces are crafted by master artisans inspired by Old World designs and created using tropical hardwoods like Mohena and Tornillo, high quality wood veneer might be applied in some cases for special details.

The manufacturing process starts with the kiln dry of the wood followed by the pest control process, once the raw wood has been treated the creative process starts and the unique piece of furniture are assembled. After faze 1 is complited the assenbled piece goes to Pre-Finish process that consistsin several stages of sanding by hand and application of different paint bases. IN the finish process, several layers paint and acrylics are applied to give its unique texture and color. During this process each piece is hand distressed and hand polished. Since every piece is painted by hand, colors might slightly vary".

about the manufacturer
name: Casa Bonita  ( USA )
profile: visit website

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