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Chimenti Table by Alcarol

Chimenti Table by Alcarol

The Chimenti table is made of three planks obtained from the Venetian Briccole poles preserving their natural live edges corroded by decades of salt water and sculpted by the lagoon molluscs. 

In Venetian seafaring language, the Chimenti are the gaps between the boards forming a ship’splanking, where the master caulkers stuff the gaps with oakum soaked in tar and colofonia, a transparent vegetable resin.

Not unlike this ancient work, the manufacture of this table use aninnovative resination process capable of filling only the empty spaces with a transparent resin capturing theunderwater air bubbles that bring the wood back to the original look and conditions.  alcarol achieves a new functionality with the poetic choice tobring the material beneath the water’s surface, freezing time at the end of its cycle and giving it a new life before it goes to waste, transforming the tabletop in a kind of subaqueous section of Venetian poles. The section planes – through touch, sight and olfaction – allow to transcend the ordinary perception of a place.

MATERIALS: Bricola Solid Oak WOOD, Extraclear Polished

RESIN - Colorless or Aquamarine - , Burnished

STEEL Legs  Natural Wood surface not covered by resin on the section planes.

Selective wood coating with matt natural effect.

Watch a video about the table – here

about the designer:
name: Alcarol  (Italy)
profile: visit website

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