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Cinemaro - Luxurious round bed with a media highlight

Cinemaro - Luxurious round bed with a media highlight

Cinema in home clothes with a snuggle factor? The design innovation RUFïCINEMARO not only makes it possible, but also makes it really cosy. Connect the monitor; store/hang up what isn’t needed; put the Multi-Media wall in the position that suits you best, then hunker down into the soft cushions and get ready for fun, games or excitement. Of course, it’s logical that you can design your bed just as you wish – the interior, the choice of fabric and the colours. Even available on request with fully automatic adjustment of the spring wood frame and mattress at the touch of a button – so if people still go to the cinema, it’s their own fault!

And if you’d rather read than watch films: RUF CINEMARO is also available without the media wall – but always round, and always exceptional!


Total diameter without headboard and media wall: 266 cm, with headboard and media wall: 311 cm

Total diameter with headboard: 288 cm, height - headboard: 92 cm, height - media wall: 131 cm

about the manufacturer
name: ruf|BETTEN  ( Germany )
profile: visit website

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