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  • Flann Bed
  •  Laud Bed
  • Sami Bed
Flann, Laud, Sami

Flann, Laud, Sami
True originality does not lie in appearance but in a perfect match with a variety of furnishings and the ability
to be a protagonist in any context. Flann surprisingly changes in character when upholstered in more striking combinations of fabric.
Laud also features classic design, available in a simple and elegant version to make it more versatile and adaptable for a wide range of tastes.
With its simple shapes and details, the Sami bed adapts to any style. Its harmonious and durable character always blends in with the surrounding furnishings. Sami also has entirely removable covers, with a detachable headboard for access to a simple zip on the back, making washing and fitting operations easier.

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name: Ditre Italia (Italy)
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