5 efficient bathroom-storage solutions

5 efficient bathroom-storage solutions

Six in the morning on a Monday – your alarm goes off. After rolling over and pressing snooze more times than you’d like to admit, you spring out of bed and run to your messy bathroom, knowing you have less than 20 minutes to get ready.

You spend the first five minutes searching for the hairbrush. Frustrated and behind schedule, you realize you can no longer wait to find a storage solution for the clutter.

Professional organizers say maximizing the space in your bathroom makes it more efficient and leads to happier mornings. It saves you time. If you have storage solutions and a routine, then you aren’t scattered to find things.

For better bathroom storage, follow these five organization tips.

1. Discard unused items

First, you have to touch everything and make sure you need everything that you have.

Go through the medicine cabinet. Properly dispose of any expired medications. Do you have six types of shampoo? Recycle the bottles, or give them to a friend. Getting rid of unused toiletries provides more space to store what you really need.

2. Containerize your goods

Use containers to organize your bathroom accessories.

Use different sizes to fit different items. They can be cardboard, metal or plastic. You can pick and choose depending on your aesthetic preference and price range.

Save money by using what you already have, such as the boxes your checks come in.

3. Use drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are the most important purchase anyone can make for their bathroom. Use them to help keep your bathroom items compartmentalized.

Everything used daily should have a place on the counter. I recommend keeping makeup used daily in a small three-tiered plastic container. Anything not used daily should be stowed in its own space in a drawer or cupboard.

4. Utilize space throughout the bathroom

I recommend over-the-door baskets to make use of the back of the cabinet door. Custom shelves or narrow sliding baskets fit around plumbing fixtures below the sink.

There are great products for hanging hair dryers and curling irons on cabinet doors or attaching them to walls.

You can also make use of the wall space by attaching containers to the wall for towels or other bathroom accoutrements.

5. Think outside the box

In small bathrooms without ample built-in storage, you can use over-the-door shoe holders with clear pockets to hold hair accessories. It’s especially helpful to do this when there are multiple children in the household.

A lazy Susan is often associated with the kitchen, but Stewart says they can be great in bathroom cabinets for bottles that stand upright.

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