5 questions every prospective dining table buyer should answer

HAKAMA Solid Wood Dining Table

HAKAMA Solid Wood Dining Table

When buying a dining table, it’s no secret that this will be a large purchase: in both size and in most cases, price. Let’s go over a few questions every potential dining table buyer should consider.

1) How much space do you have for your table?

This is a biggest question to answer. If you are planning on buying a table you need to measure your space first. Go as far as putting tape on the floor for the table outline. It’s an inexpensive way to ensure you know what you will be getting and you might just be surprised at what you see. Keep the following in mind. Try to give yourself 2.5 to 3 feet around the edges of the table to account for the chairs and seating. You can go with less, but it may feel cramped. It’s best to buy a table that is proportional to the space.

2) How many people will be eating at the table for most of the meals?

To answer, consider the following: If you are planning on having that once in a lifetime 20 person dinner, but will not have more than 6 people for 95% of the meals you eat there, focus on a table that can seat 6-8 comfortably. You don’t need a table that will take up half of your house. You can always buy a leaf insert for the table and extend it when necessary.

3) What’s the style of the room where the table will go?

If you already have the décor of your room complete, you will likely want your table to compliment the décor. If you don’t, understand that putting a dining table in your room will push you in a direction. Whether you are looking for formal, casual or both, a good tip is to look at the background of dining table pictures on our site and see what appeals to you. It will help you find a table that will match the look you want to achieve.

4) What shape of a dining table do you want?

Even though other options have become more popular in recent years, the rectangular table is still the biggest seller. But the shape will say something about you and the space. Circular dining tables create a soothing sense of flow and can promote more conversation, while square and rectangular tables will appear stronger. Also, if the number of people dining fluctuates occasionally, it’s probably best to get a table that has leaf inserts.

5) Do you want your table to last for more than one generation?

You need to make the purchase that is right for you. Price is certainly one of the biggest factors and we have tables to fit every budget. It is no secret that many dining tables become family heirlooms. It is important to consider the quality of the table you purchase.

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