Black and blue, an unexpected combination

Look inside nearly any shelter publication and you will see the color blue used in virtually every room of the home. What you will also see is a prominent use of the color black. Yes, black is back. While blue and black are powerful colors on their own, they are also two colors that also work well together.


Blue and black are both deep, rich powerful colors. These colors work especially well in spaces in which you may wish to have a bit more formality, such as living rooms and dining rooms. Looking for ideas for how to incorporate blue and black into your space?


Artwork is a key way to introduce or tie these colors together.


Area rugs come in different shapes, sizes and various color combinations that can help you introduce blue and black.


From toss pillows to decorative items and even coffee table books, look for creative ways to tie blue and black together.


Color mapping is a design technique to repeat or map a color or colors throughout a room so a space feels and looks more cohesive.


Black is a power color that you shouldn’t be afraid to use in any room you desire. Black can be used as an accent color for a wall, base color in a room in the form of an area rug or the color for your primary furniture pieces. However you choose to incorporate black, here are some colors work well with black.


Pairing white or cream with black can be a powerful contrast.


Gold and brass finishes are more popular than ever and can be paired with black – just be careful to use gold sparingly as to not make a space feel potentially dated.


From powder blue to indigo blue, blue and black is a color combination that can be elegant and timeless.

Blue remains the color of choice for those looking for a deep, dark color that may not be as bold a statement as black. Indigo and deep ink blues can be used as a substitute for black, while lighter colors such as power blue can add softness to a space. Bright blues such as turquoise and aqua can be used as accent colors.

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