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The challenge in having a small dining room is how to choose and position your furniture. Depending on how you look at it and deal with it, this challenge can actually be easy. Here are the furniture pieces that will work well in a small dining area.

The first thing that you need to remember is how to maximize your space to make it open and airy so as not to create a tight feeling.

Get the most out of your dining room space

More and more people prefer to live in smaller houses, condos, townhomes or apartments because of the high costs of real estate. However, living in these small spaces pose the challenge of furnishing the rooms. One of the rooms in these small abodes that need some space is the dining room.

Nevertheless, a small dining room does not mean that it cannot be made appealing. The solution is how to take advantage of the available space that you have. A good plan and good choice of furniture can in fact make your small dining room to look big and stylish.

Making your space look bigger

You can adapt a few tricks used by interior designers to achieve this.
Make way for easy entrance into your dining room to establish a more open look. Use lighter and smaller drapes instead of the heavy and big ones. Have a mirror on your wall to mirror light and to make an impression of having more space.

Remove confusion in the dining room

To make it look bigger, keep your dining room orderly. Remove unnecessary items in the room. If you want to display some items, choose those that are your favorites and only those that are really eye-catching. Have a wall type cabinet so it will not occupy floor space. Minimize your displays. Have ornamental baskets or boxes where you can store some stuff.

Choose the appropriate dining room table

Picking the appropriate table will rely on the shape and size of your dining room. It is recommended to have a long narrow table for a small dining space. Choose a table that has a single base instead of the 4-legged table. This will allow you to have more room for extra chairs particularly if you have some guests. Square tables entail more space; hence, avoid buying them.

Choose the appropriate dining room chairs

Pick the armless chairs. Although they may be a bit uncomfortable for some, they will not use up additional space. They will also be easier to fit in around the table allowing you to add more chairs.

Have a buffet hutch in your dining room

The presence of a buffet hutch will make your room orderly. You can keep your dining items such as table napkins, tablecloths, silver ware, china and other stuff. You can also use it as your serving table to have more space on your dining table.

Make use of foldable furniture pieces or extendable tables

Foldable furniture pieces are perfect for small dining areas. They can be stored easily in the pantry or closet and can be pulled out effortlessly. You can also purchase a small foldable dining table. These types of furniture are ideal to have especially when the need arise without making your dining area look full. Dining tables that can be extended save you on space and you only need to extend it when you need it.

A little planning and imagination will definitely help you to make your small dining room big, clean and fresh.

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