Great Nursery Décor Ideas and Tips

Unique paint colors and designs for your baby boy’s bedroom or nursery room paint colors theme interior design ideas for your little one.

Great Nursery Décor Ideas and Tips

The problem with decorating a nursery though is that you need to actually be a little creative, remember this room isn’t for you and it’s not like you can just turn around and ask the future occupier what it is that he or she likes.

For what it’s worth, Nursery Décor is all about the atmosphere, the room needs to be warm and loving, calm and still.

The room needs to be cozy and inviting but practical at the same time. Like we always say, the first place to start is to measure the space. Now that we know what we are working with its time to get onto the colors, obviously if you know what you are having it will make things easier – but don’t assume for a second that boy equals blue and girl pink because there is actually so much more that you do.

You may want to consider giving the room a theme, some parents like the idea of having a Nursery where the décor has a clear theme or concept; something like white or stripes or even animals.

Nursery décor is all about harmony and balance, light colors are warmer, bright colors are over stimulating. Remember soft subtle lighting is calming and bright lights are for interrogations.

When it comes to choosing the furniture, I can assure you it’s better to go with something a little bit more practical than flashy. If you are over 6 ft. tall and buy a baby cot that sits no more than 6 inches off the floor then all I can say is I hope you have a good Chiropractor.

Storage is also probably the most overlooked aspect when it comes to Nursery Décor; your baby needs around 10 nappies a day in the beginning which means you either go for towel nappies (good luck) or you start thinking about storage solutions.

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