Keep your Living Room Furniture looking new

Keep your Living Room Furniture looking new

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the home aside from the dining room and kitchen. It is busy because this is where most of the family’s activities happen. The family gathers here after a meal.

They get together to watch TV or a movie, play card games, talk or simply relax while listening to music. Guests are also led into the living room to be entertained.

Therefore, our living room furniture gives more service to our family and guests. Such overuse can lead to their early wear and tear particularly if they are not given the proper care and maintenance.

One of the many ways to lengthen the life of your living room furniture is to keep it looking new and clean. This can only be achieved if suitable care and preservation is observed.

To give your living room furniture the tender loving care that it needs, you need to know the proper way of cleaning it.
Here are some pointers to keep your living room furniture looking new and spotlessly clean.

Giving your furniture a good wipe everyday will be most helpful so as dirt will not accumulate on them. Use a soft cloth for wiping off the dirt.

A vacuum can be used, too; however, its soft bristles must be used so as not to damage the furniture. The vacuum will help you to get into the corners and hidden areas.

If you are to use any cleaning products, read the ingredient first. Do not just read the label. Ensure that what you are using does not contain any harmful chemicals that will destroy your furniture. Check on the manual of your furniture. If you cannot find any, surf the net and check the proper products to clean furniture made of wood, leather or other fabrics, stainless steel, or aluminum. Using the wrong cleaning products can shorten the life span of your furniture.

Steam cleaning is good but if you do not know how to do it correctly, then do not attempt to do so. You will only damage your furniture. If you think that your living room sofa needs to be steam cleaned, then seek the help of the experts. The wrong way of steam cleaning can lead to the development of molds, fungi and other bacteria that will end the life of your furniture as well as cause diseases to the family. So, beware of doing this yourself!

Since spills and leaks cannot be avoided, you need to have a ready rag to wipe it. Use a soft cloth, begin from the outer side, and slowly move inside to stop the spill from spreading in the other parts of your furniture. To remove solid spills, use a metal object like a spoon to remove them. Use warm water and soap for hard to remove stains.

Use soap sparingly. Do not create too much suds to eliminate any soap build-up on your furniture, which can lead to blemishes and splotches. Likewise, always use warm water instead of tap water.

Proper cleaning and maintenance and the correct choice of cleaning products will keep your furniture looking new, fresh and spotlessly clean.

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