Need help decorating a Nursery

Designing a beautiful nursery for your child can be a fun project.

decorating-nurseryUnfortunately, it can also be very time consuming! How can you sort through all of the design possibilities and make the best choice?

One way to save yourself time and stress over the project is to tap into one of the prevalent trends for children’s nursery décor.

This will give you some useful decorating ideas as well as ready access to a full suite of goods for your new nursery.

The White Nursery

The white nursery is an offshoot of the trend for white décor in adult living. With a white nursery, you go for painted woods or metal to get all white furniture. Cushions, curtains, and linens are all white as well. Some decorators opt for creams and a true palette of whites, but purists go for true white in all elements to create a light and uniform look to the space.

The Jungle Room

Another growing trend in children’s décor is the jungle themed room. This allows for very vibrant colors to be used on the walls, usually in the forms of borders or specially printed wall paper.

The furnishings for the room are often sculpted. For example, the diaper bin may well be a hippopotamus with a mouth that opens, or you can get a humidifier that is an elephant releasing moisture through the trunk. Using such colorful and whimsical decorating items will bring the nursery to life and provide a visual feast for your child.

The Interactive Room

This trend posits that since children will touch, draw, and chew on every item in the nursery, it is best of design the room with their interaction and enjoyment in mind. Walls, here are often covered in special matted materials that can be coloured on with impunity, or chalkwork space for drawing. Magnetic wall installments are also possible for magnet play. It brings a whole new touch to the idea of a playroom, and can make the nursery a child’s favorite room in the house.

The three trends discussed above are not the only trends in children’s nurseries. However, they should give you a starting point for your exploration.

Look for nursery packages that have a clear decorating theme, and you will be able to quickly and easily outfit a room. In many cases, even the linens for the beds can be bought as a set and tied in with the whole thing, making your child feel as though a special world has been created just for them.

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