Tips for Buying Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Tips for Buying Traditional Bathroom Vanities

Traditional bathroom vanities have all the period-inspired, furniture shapes of antique bathroom vanities without all the antique-authentic woodwork, making for a slightly simpler, but still sophisticated design. Great for anyone that likes a classical style but might not want to commit to a museum quality piece, traditional bathroom vanities are like antique-lite. So why not choose something a little more antique (or a little more contemporary)?

Less Is More…Or At Least Easier To Pull Off.

With antique bathroom vanities, you run into the problem of authenticity – a good replica can be hard to compete with, and it’s a slippery slope from a bathroom that’s lavish to one that’s garish. Traditional bathroom vanities give you all the impression of old-world class without the same elaborate standards.

Simplified Styles Are Easier To Match.

Antique bathroom vanities tend to have a lot of elaborate woodwork, which can be difficult – if not impossible – to coordinate. The pared down look of traditional bathroom vanities makes it easier to coordinate secondary pieces – like mirrors or storage cabinets – when one isn’t included with the vanity you choose.

Dress Up Or Dress Down.

Where antique replicas basically demand an elaborate decor, traditional bathroom vanities make for a bathroom that’s a little easier to customize as you see fit. While not quite as timeless as more contemporary transitional vanities, traditional vanities can pull off everything from lavish vintage styles to understated sophistication, depending on how you accessorize.

Would You Wood?

While many more contemporary bathroom vanities, and even transitional vanities forsake natural wood grain in favor of MDF or plywood with a generic “espresso” finish, virtually all traditional bathroom vanities are made of solid wood, or at the very least are finished with real wood veneers, giving you the unique luxury and decadence afforded by real hardwood.

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