Today’s Master Bedroom

Today's Master Bedroom

Far removed from the hubbub of family rooms and busy kitchens, the bedroom is the place where your day begins and ends.

Trends come and go, and even how we use the master bedroom is evolving. The his-and-her wave that’s sweeping closet space and bathrooms is even extending to separate bedrooms.

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping anymore. With larger master suites being built in today’s homes, bedrooms have evolved into comfortable getaways for people to relax and unwind from their hectic schedules. The extra square footage leaves room for many decorating possibilities in this personal retreat. Eclectic blends of sleek, contemporary styles and opulent, classic details are being combined not only to create the perfect romantic escape, but also to create optional living spaces for the home.

The current trend in bedroom furnishings is leaning away from the standard set of a bed, two nightstands and a few dressers all of the same style and collection, towards a more romanced and eclectic combination of pieces to create a personal refuge or escape. People are adding romantic elements to their bedrooms in their furniture, wall colors, fabrics and accessories.

Trend: Bedrooms Become Grand

With larger master suites being built in new homes, more opportunities exist for additional furniture pieces in bedroom collections. People are looking for pieces that are both stylish and functional because they are spending more time in their bedrooms.

Armoires for televisions, wardrobes, trunks, lingerie chests and seven- or nine-drawer dressers are very popular choices because they take up more space in larger rooms and provide needed storage. Even nightstands are larger, providing more storage space with drawers and shelves.

Another new trend in bedroom furniture is higher headboards and lower footboards on platform beds. These updated proportions work in today’s larger bedrooms and allow for easy late night television watching.

Accessories that Set the Stage

Luxurious pillows, throws, duvets and other accessories can help create a livable and comfortable room. When choosing fabrics, paint and accessories use shades of color that depict your personal style. Think about colors that look good on you or colors of clothing you typically have in your closet. If you choose colors you typically like to wear in clothing, you’ll probably also enjoy incorporating that color palette into your bedroom décor.

Trend: Multiple Master Bedrooms

Multiple master bedrooms, some that even include their own private baths, are growing in popularity and appear to be the wave of the future. Why? There are several reasons. The most obvious answer is consolidating of households. As time goes by, children’s parents may want to move in with their children and share a home. The multiple master bedrooms concept gives them the privacy and convenience of having their own facilities without the possible intrusion that can occur in a shared living space.

Additional reasons include wanting to plan for the future for the current homeowner having a master bedroom on the main level first floor, as well as a master bedroom in the upstairs space of the home. This gives them the flexibility to use whichever master they prefer.

This trend is also formed among persons wanting to be able to get away from their snoring spouses and still be in master bedroom for their own use.

Reading Rooms

If you’re one of the many people who love to read in their master bedrooms, you might consider designing your main bedroom with lounging and reading books in mind. Since eye experts warn that it’s bad for a person’s eyes to read while lying down (because we tend to hold the book too close), you might begin by enabling proper reading posture by installing a padded headboard.

Squishy pillows, luxurious afghans or throws, landscape paintings with distant horizons, and mirrors for private reflections add feelings of indulgence and add much warmth to your master bedroom. A great lounge chair with a floor lamp and nearby tea table completes the additions to a perfect reading room.

Private Sanctuary

Perhaps you’d rather turn your master bedroom into a personal retreat, where you can escape and unwind from a busy day. Surround yourself with photos of friends, family, and places you love, as well as your favorite artwork and meaningful mementos. Under-furnished private sanctuaries can also give you the space to contemplate and daydream.

Good colors for private sanctuaries include dark Forest Greens, deep Chocolates, Mochas, Navy or Cobalt Blues, and Eggplant. Darker colors create a womb-like feeling and aid deep sleep.

A writing desk, accompanied by a comfortable chair, induces journal and letter writing. A small refrigerator will make you feel as if you can enjoy your time in the bedroom without interruption, and a television offers the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and shows. Room-darkening window coverings also encourage deep sleep and aid in the restoration of your soul.

Living Room Furniture in Master Bedrooms

Bedrooms can truly become living rooms when they’re furnished luxuriously, like a private suite. Adding furniture usually considered living room pieces automatically upscales the importance of your bedroom. Sofas, rocking chairs, or matching overstuffed chairs help create the feeling of an oasis.

Only you can decide the best bedroom setting for your personal preferences and lifestyle, but if you want to make a dramatic change for the better in your life, there’s no better way to accomplish that than redecorating your master bedroom!

Fun Fact!

Just a little food for thought. Traditionally, the “master bedroom” has always been the largest bedroom in the home. Well, besides trends evolving for the use and layout of this large bedroom, there is a new trend emerging as to what we shall call it!

Dr. Jeanette Fisher, a well-known design psychology professor, has been at the forefront of a trend that says, “The word master is an antiquated term that suggests control, domination, and inequality.” She feels that in today’s cooperative partner and/or single parent household, the label “master suite” has become obsolete. In that light, master bedrooms would more properly be called “main bedrooms” in today’s society.

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