Wooden Furniture in the Bedroom

Wooden Furniture in the Bedroom

For colder days, having wood in your home is a good choice because even the lighter tones create a warm ambience. And luckily, it’s in style for modern furniture. Wood is predicted to be a chic trend for 2015, though it’s also considered timeless seeing as many older buildings/interiors use wood in some way (of course, flooring is a common application). However, applying it in your home could be done in your bedroom furniture.

The contemporary and warm attributes are some that would be coveted for anyone’s bedroom. Wood is also a popular choice because it is gender neutral, comes in a wider variety of tones, and therefore it can be incorporated into any design.

It requires a personal eye and a designers eye to determine exactly what shade of wood would fit your particular space. There are unlimited possibilities, but there are some general color ideas as far as how to match general dark or light wood.

You can choose almost any color to go with any shade of wood, so it all depends on your goal for the room. You’ll want your new furniture to enhance your space, so you can begin by assessing the current (or desired) paint color and use these guidelines:

For rooms painted or containing mostly:

White – darker wood is a smart choice because of the contrast. The wood will pop and appear more brilliant. You can choose the tone of wood by what undertone the white has.

Gray– also goes well with dark wood. This combination will appear calm and elegant. The gray can enhance the tone of the woods, especially a pale dove gray, which can be pared with almost any dark wood.

Ochres – bright yellows don’t go particularly well with dark wood. Dusty yellows may work better, as long as they don’t mesh with the dark wood.

Dark Reds – those with deep red tones in their room have many options for selecting new wood furniture. A dark red based room with wood trim and dark wood furniture may feel very Victorian. Wine reds with deep woods will provide a rich space. However, deep reds have a modern effect when paired with light wood.

Greens – a green room can also welcome many tones of wood. Cooler and mintier shades would go best with darker woods while gray/sage toned greens would look nice with lighter-medium shades of wood.

Blues – depending on the shade of blue, you could opt for almost any shade of wood. Dark blues can be paired with dark or light wood just as light blue can be paired with dark or light wood. Selecting a piece to add to your mostly blue room may just depend on which piece of furniture you like best, regardless of tone!

Purples – in general, lighter purples go well with darker wood whereas darker purples go well with lighter wood. Medium tones of purple may go well with either. However, purple can be more red based or more blue based, so this would also affect what wood tones you’d want to select.


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