On The Rocks Sofa, design: Francesco Binfarè
Composed of four irregularly shaped, independent elements, three polygons and a quadrilateral, on moulded polypropylene and rubber feet. The elements can be placed together along the various sides to obtain myriad patterns with modularity, governed by the laws of plane geometry, multiplied exponentially. The shapes, without frame and any rigid support, are modeled by moulding a mixture, protected by an international patent, of "Gellifoam" and other foams, some of which are commonly used in aerospace applications, to ensure a special, almost sensual, softness. The range also includes two flexible backs, in different sizes, which can be positioned as required and joined together by means of two disks of special heat-formed rubber which can easily be removed for washing. The polyurethane shapes, pliant thanks to the extra softness of the mixture, are lined with a special stretch fabric that enables the shape to spring back. The covers, tight-fitting like a t-shirt, are fitted over the items and fastened, to adapt to the ergonomic bending of the foam and "Gellifoam" mixture, by seams along the vertical sides only of the various elements. Like a proper suit, the upholstery has been made up in a range of fabrics designed by Monica Mazzei and produced exclusively for Edra.

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