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Feya Bed by Bretz

Feya Bed by Bretz

Delicate design combined with novel features – a real innovation from BRETZ! The “ears” of the two back cushions move independently: they are adjustable with the hinged straps into any position, turning the bed into a stylish sanctuary for bookworms, breakfasters-in-bed, and TV/movie binge-watchers.

Surrounded on all sides by the starlight-like brilliance of FEYA’s elegantly hand-quilted patterning. Showing true devotion to your every comfort, our fairy of sweet dreams invites you to indulgent relaxation in the mattress widths of 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm.

And whether you sleep on your side or back, you’ll find your perfect, personal comfort zone with the BRETZ mattress systems. 

Designer: Meera Rathai

about the manufacturer
name: Bretz  ( Germany )
profile: visit website

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