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FGV is the leading Italian manufacturer of furniture accessories for the furniture industry.  Our production encompasses more than 60.000 items to satisfy all needs in terms of furniture accessories.  Our products are present and installed in every kind of furniture ranging from the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the office furniture; we also supply customized solutions. FGV's products are available all over the world thanks to our broad network of subsidiaries and production facilities. The headquarter in base in Italy. FGV operates since 1947 and is considered one of the major industrial Italian players in the furniture accessories for the industry and the craftsmanship.  Our reality is based on ambition and enthusiasm, always ready to satisfy the needs and the interest of our customers. Ready to supply always the best, with the courage of who is aware of his own engagement and capacities. Design, technology, practicality are the characteristics required constantly by FGV's customers and are the base of all the innovations that we develop. We are a company that points to the customer and that puts at the first place his benefits: saving time, increase the productivity and enhance the product.
FGV gives to the study of comfort and design the same value and the same importance that it attributes to the functionality of its products.  The attention for the study of the design is top leading and has carried FGV to being known like one of the leaders of market, able to integrate the Italian creativity with one productivity always to the maximum levels. 
Always inline with the requirements of the market, FGV is from the part of the customer evaluating with accuracy the requests. This communication contributes to optimize and to integrate in continuous way our offer of products and services. The experience during the past years, the documentation and the data collected on use of our products has helped us to analyze and develop technologies to improve our standards of quality.