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Filousof Sofa by  Dagmar Marsetz for Bretz

Filousof Sofa by  Dagmar Marsetz for Bretz

Modern classic with independent eloquence. Modular sectionals and corners with cuddly sitting comfort. The balanced and reduced body meets artistically quilted plaids, laying loose as seat cushions. The armrests are designed according to the look of the seat plaids, but reinterpreted in a vertical position. The manually quilted decorative points create a softly floating scale pattern. Formation of creases is design inherent.

The individually designed back cushion landscapes create a world of color and patterns that fill rooms and define the homely mood of the ensemble.

FILOUSOF always enjoys having company, invites you to relax, exchange views and philosophise.The relaxed companion in your life with almost infinite interpretation possibilities for use in living space and project alike.

Countless options for BRETZ velours qualities! The pedestal is upholstered in the same color as the body. It emhances the stability of the strong characters, decorating the ensemble with a discrete shadow gap.


Solid wooden structure. Seat: tight swinging nosag feathers and adjusted bonnell feather core. Back: elastic straps. Above in seat and back: Finely balanced foam and fluffy polyester fleece. Loose seat cushion: High quality foam core, extremely fluffy polyester fleece, manually quilted decorative points.

about the manufacturer
name: Bretz ( Germany )
profile: visit website

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