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flooring systems, adhesives
Forbo is a leading producer of flooring systems, adhesives and chemical bonds, as well as power transmission and conveyor belt solutions. We employ about 6,800 people and have an international network of 38 production companies with distribution, and about 50 sales organizations in a total of 35 countries. Forbo is headquartered in Baar in the canton of Zug, Switzerland and is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. In the year 2007 the Group generated net sales of CHF 2,004 million and a profit of about CHF 110 million.

Especially in the furniture industry, bonding is an indispensable method for joining two or several carriers. Bonding allows the production of composites that improve the living quality and often allow the manufacture of innovative products. Upholstery In this branch of industry, solvent-based adhesives have been used exclusively until recently. Since some of these products did no longer meet the higher requirements made on environmental compatibility, new technologies had to be found. An alternative are water-soluble adhesives containing only few or no solvents at all meaning that they are much more compatible with the environment. Forbo Adhesives offers this branch of industry an extensive range of both solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives for a wide variety of applications and manufacturing methods. 3-D membrane pressing Membrane pressing, also called 3D technology, has changed the entire market for furniture front panels, and the triumphant progress of 3D-coated front panels continues in kitchen, living and sleeping room furniture. Outstanding design opportunities, hard-wearing surfaces and economical processing have made an essential contribution to this success. Right from the start, Forbo Adhesives has been among the pioneers of this technology in the field of adhesives technology, supplying tailor-made products that make the manufacturing processes even more efficient and safer and ensure an even better end product quality. Window profiles Profile encasing in the furniture industry is a finishing method used to upgrade cost-effective wood and other non-plastic or metal carrier materials with high-quality decorative films. This process engineering and the associated adhesives technology depend on the carrier materials and decorative films used as well as the quality requirements made on the finished profiles. Forbo Adhesives offers a complete product range for different methods and applications in this area.