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Apartment Remodel by Beauparlant Design

Apartment Remodel by Beauparlant Design

From Designers: While some interior design projects focus on improvements within an existing program, this classic-meets-contemporary renovation is a complete architectural re-envisioning of a Toronto home’s main floor.

Previously a rooming house with two separate additions built at different times, the main floor of this High Park home originally consisted of a series of small rooms, lacking any sense of harmony or cohesion. A total rethinking of the 1100 square foot ground floor as a whole met the new homeowners’ desire to create a larger, more inviting and unified space. This allowed for a connection to the rear yard, previously cut off from sight by an unused bedroom at the back of the house.

By knocking down walls and realigning partitions, we eliminated the rear bedroom altogether, relocated the bathroom, and ultimately, reconfigured the ground level to create a free-flowing space. The kitchen, dining area and family room are now combined into one open floor plan.

The new residential interior design concept realigns the home’s orientation towards large new windows giving onto the rear yard and terrace. The relocated kitchen takes center stage at the heart of the open plan, close to the entrance foyer and stairs, yet with the island’s alignment, doesn’t become overwhelming. Tall elements are strategically consolidated along the exterior wall and become part of the cooking side of the kitchen. The dining table, perpendicular to the custom kitchen, aligns with structural beams in the ceiling necessary in the creation of the open plan. A bar area located between the dining table and family room, featuring a similar finish to the kitchen, ties together the different areas. The mudroom off the side entrance was maintained for its practicality and is now anchored with the relocated bathroom without disrupting the unified flow of the new space.

The aesthetic intention of this project was to create a contemporary space which honours classic elements and proportions. Some original features have been reimagined to suit the new concept including a pair of decorative windows, now in the relocated kitchen, where they act as symmetrical architectural features flanking the range and hood.

Location: Toronto, High Park

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