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Kitchen Remodel by Beauparlant Design

Kitchen Remodel by Beauparlant Design

From Designers: Intended to create a welcoming, family environment, the layout of this custom kitchen design is rather unconventional. The idea of blending a lounge atmosphere within the kitchen highlights the owners’ objective of creating a kitchen space both for entertaining and everyday family life.

Making the most of a compact space meant that functions had to overlap one another. The design is made sociable through its seating – a generous, upholstered banquette which wraps around the quartzite island. This allows guests to mingle with the host in comfort, without being underfoot while the food preparation takes place.

Functional elements are concealed or integrated to further blur the line between kitchen and lounge: coffee and small appliances are largely out of sight in their own dedicated nook, while the stove hood is concealed within the wooden arch that frames the cooking and baking area. A microwave is concealed behind the cabinetry, while cookbooks are framed behind sliding glass doors.

The warm, welcoming ambiance is further achieved through textures and layers, as well as the materials themselves, which work together to achieve a “bistro” sensibility. Wall paneling behind the banquette allows the owners to incorporate their personality over time and display art and other objects they’ve collected.

This unique kitchen is part of a larger interior design project; adjacent are a small powder room and mudroom, both part of a larger update which encompassed the entire main floor. The second-floor family bathroom along with bedroom storage was also completely redesigned.

Location: Toronto, Hillcrest

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name: Beauparlant Design  (Canada)
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