Klaussner Furniture
Asheboro, NC 27205
405 Lewallen Road
Klaussner Furniture
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+1 336 625 6174
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living room, dining room, bedroom furniture: sofas, recliners, slipcovers, beds, nightstands, chests, tables, chairs, coffee tables, consoles, armoires, buffets
Klaussner® Home Furnishings has grown to become one of the largest furniture companies in America. Klaussner was purchased by Hans Klaussner in 1979 and is still privately owned. Mr. Klaussner is the only foreign independent owner of a major furniture manufacturing company in the US.   With 16 U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities and over 3,000 employees, the company is well known for its quality, value priced home furnishings, produced by highly skilled employees and distributed by furniture retailers throughout the world. Asheboro, NC is home for several of Klaussner’s manufacturing and distribution facilities as well as the company’s corporate headquarters and a 100,000 square foot showroom. Other manufacturing service centers are located in La Mirada, California and Milford, Iowa. Other affiliated companies include Prestige Fabricators, Inc., a foam manufacturing company located in Asheboro, and Sofa Express and More, an independently operated chain of full line furniture retail stores with headquarters located in Columbus, Ohio. Klaussner also has four licensed Klaussnerhome™ stores. The Klaussner affiliated group of companies has over 4,200 employees. With Klaussner’s many product lines, consumers can choose from upholstery (fabric and leather), reclining furniture, bedroom, dining room, occasional tables, entertainment, accents and accessories. The company’s brands include Klaussner, Distinctions, Dick Idol and World Vineyards. From the beginning, Klaussner has prided itself in its quick delivery and custom order capabilities. The company can guarantee delivery of most of its product selections within a two to four week period. In the early 2000s many furniture retailers’ business began to decline and competition from foreign sources was increasing. This turn of events made it necessary for Klaussner to consolidate several of its smaller operations to remain competitive and efficient. The company also restructured its manufacturing facilities in NC, California and Iowa to function as Service Centers to provide a national network of facilities to house and produce goods in order to better serve its customers by providing quicker delivery times. In recent years Klaussner has also begun to utilize worldwide sources to import leather upholstery, bedroom, dining room, occasional, entertainment, accents and most recently a full line of accessories. This has allowed Klaussner to become a full product and service provider for the whole home. Over the years Klaussner has elected to remain “behind the scenes” and has never brought the Klaussner brand directly to the consumer. In October, 2007 the company will be launching a new brand initiative with the introduction of the new Klaussner Home Furnishings brand directly to consumers. With the company offering more than 1,000 styles, 1,500 fabric choices and over 300 leathers, plus the fastest delivery times in the industry on custom orders, consumers can have what they want, how they want it, when they want it.