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Knot Lamp by ChiaramonteMarin Designstudio for Brookis

Knot Lamp by ChiaramonteMarin Designstudio for Brookis

KNOT is a collection of stately pendent lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials.

The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent blown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified.

Full-bodied globes of varying shapes and sizes are penetrated by robust cords that seemingly pull the bottom of the glass inward for a bemusing plastic effect.

The LED light source is housed in a handsome top hood, which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned in refined metal.

KNOTs are well-suited to both private and public interior spaces and make a particularly impressive statement above dining tables. The collection currently comprises four pendent lights and several colour options.

Designer: Chiaramonte Marin

about the manufacturer
name: Brookis ( Czech Republic )
profile: visit website

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