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The Leaning Loop by Jason van der Burg

The Leaning Loop by Jason van der Burg

Designed to impress. The Leaning Loop is a multi-purpose upright organizer made of solid hardwood. It is a handcrafted modular clothing hanger, bag holder, gadget shelf, mirror, magnet board, key holder, and shoe shelf all in one slender package. It is well suited to help organize one or two people and requires only a wall and gravity to do its part–no wall attachment is necessary. It has been carefully calculated and designed to lean perfectly on its own without losing balance; adding items like clothing actually helps make it more stable. Small bumpers at the back and bottom loop ensure scuff-free and unmarred surfaces while it fits neatly into condos, apartments, entry spaces, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices or studio work areas.

The Leaning Loop is 72in tall x 24in wide x 13in deep (183cm x 61cm x 33cm).

From the Designer:" The story of the leaning loop began in a small space with a messy problem. While finishing architecture school, I was renting a small apartment with several roommates, no living room area and very little personal storage space. I would come home and walk straight to my bedroom and use just about any surface available to unload my shoes, coat, bike helmet, wallet, change, keys, etc.. My bedroom was constantly in disarray. This was also my living room, study area, and dining room—all very tight.

I wanted a nice piece of furniture to help organize my life and it needed to look amazing so I could enjoy what little space I had. I also didn’t want something that screwed into the walls only to have to remove them and patch the mess when I left. I looked everywhere for something that would fit a narrow space or hallway and not look clunky or cheap. I found very few solutions out there. So, I set out to design a piece of furniture that solved my problem.

After sketching, modeling, and building a number of full-scale prototypes, I worked through a number of design issues before refining the design you see today. I teamed up with a talented local woodworker, Greg Moogk, to help take my design to a higher level of quality and craftsmanship, and develop a method for small-scale local production.

Today, we are able to offer the Leaning Loop in several wood types, with a number of customizable design options. We are focused on delivering a beautiful object with high quality components and fine craftsmanship, ready to lean on your walls.

Recently, we won a spot in IIDEXCanada’s 2014 Woodshop, which features innovative wood prototypes that utilize Toronto’s untapped ash wood resource. Our Salvaged Ash Leaning Loop is available now and one will be travelling with IIDEXCanada to a number of exhibitions in 2015."

Photos by Urbanworm Design

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about the designer:
name: Jason van der Burg - Urbanworm Design
profile: visit website

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