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Matilda Sofa by Bretz

Matilda: Sofa and Chair by Bretz

Matilda – the free-spirited poetess. Let yourself sink into MATILDA’s silky-soft cushions and hearken to her fabulous stories of enchanted gardens and castles in the air.

Whispering her tales softly to you, she weaves a very special spell. The daily hustle and bustle fades away, and we welcome the whimsical hours of the evening.

This modular sofa system makes everything possible – from small groups to an enormous fairy tale landscape, offering fresh inspiration with its asymmetric form.

Free from rules and conventions, the 5-sided modules open up the room to let new and fantastic worlds spontaneously pop into existence. To keep things fresh and lively, the backrest covers are replaceable.

 MATILDA takes us gently by the hand and leads us into the never-ending kingdom of creativity, into a world full of poetic imagery and wonder. 

about the manufacturer
name: Bretz  ( Germany )
profile: visit website

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