Marco Gorini was born in 1954. After university studies in architecture, he founded the STRATO company in 1987 and launched a career in interior design. In 1990 he decided to devote himself exclusively to the kitchen segment and presented his first STRATO kitchens at Milan's Salone del Mobile, soon leading to an international reputation both for product quality and fascinatingly contemporary high-tech and sophisticated spaces. From his very first creations through to the present, Marco Gorini, using ever more refined manufacturing methods and a carefully conserved craftsman's savoir-faire, has always had the same goal: the highest possible quality. His often unique pieces are surprising both in their beauty and simplicity, refusing to flaunt their value, preferring to reserve it for the lucky few who know how to recognise and appreciate it. Classical discipline and a strong sense of modernity both provide inspiration for Marco Gorini's work, making it something timeless and setting it quite apart from passing trendy fads. They are also both part of a culture which unites like-minded people across the world, creating work of lasting worth, ingredients which enhance any style or era. The creative power of Marco Gorini might never have been expressed in such an important manner were it not for his great emphasis on beauty and quality. These are the essential qualities which for Marco Gorini are also essential to food. Cooking is love, art and culture, and the kitchen is a incomparable setting for conviviality, a place of shared pleasure. And these are basically also the values which we find expressed in the work of Marco Gorini.