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My Granddaughter’s Cabinet by Lisa Hilland

My Granddaughter’s Cabinet by Lisa Hilland

Cabinet in three different kinds of wood, birch, oak and cherry. Leg cuffs in leather of reindeer.  

From the Designer: "Ideas about the cupboard came to me when I was on parental leave with my youngest daughter. It was a time when my eyes were opened to the things I have inherited which are now in my home. My great-grandfather was a master builder with a joinery workshop in Tollarp, Skåne, and that’s where our kitchen table – it’s over a hundred years old now – came from. It has aged so beautifully, I’m sure it’s a finer table now that it was then. This set me off drawing My Granddaughter’s Cabinet. I wanted it to be of high quality, to patinate well and to become an heirloom. Stylistically, the irregular shape of it looks ahead while the turned legs refer to time past. The pleated reindeer-hide leg cuffs contrast with the hardness of the wood. A decorative detail added so that my little girl, crawling on the floor, would also have something nice to looks at."

about the manufacturer
name: Gärsnäs  ( Sweden )
profile: visit website

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